Afrobloggers Twitter Account Takeover

The most amazing thing I have experienced today! Just wanna share what I felt and feel in these last minutes of Afrobloggers Twitter takeover 

I was so nervous. I didn't know where to start. I was shaking. In my mind I laughed at how much I challenge myself and then get nervous. I started drinking a lot of water to cure my stomachache and started scrolling what i am going to say. I was talking to the walls and sharing my thoughts with my mom. In my preparation zone...visitors come and mind I'm saying why now. My phone was on 0 % and I had to switch off their noise in my head and focus on my Twitter Account. It's so funny how I posted  10 tweets when my phone was on 0 %. God doing the things and I loved the commitment. I was so terrified about how people might respond to my tweets. The criticism, the comments and most importantly the engagement...I literally thought i was going to have a low engagement. 

Now let's move on to the feeling I have now. I am so happy. The engagement is so amazing, future collaborations with a Nigerian blogger Anita Kamba-she is so amazing. It feels good to share my blogging journey with other storytellers and getting to know what they write about. I feel success because I challenged myself and executed. 

The part that I liked most was telling people about why I write a certain blog. I felt really connected to my readers. 

Thank you so much Afrobloggers for this amazing opportunity. It was fun,  eye opening and such a wonderful experience with the blogging community. You existence is greatly appreciated.


  1. Well done you! It's always scary at first but then somewhere along the line courage, determination and satisfaction steps in. Kudos!


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