If Its Meant To Be

If it's meant to be baby just let it be...
I get stuck in a place where I'm not needed most times and I feel okay, I don't feel out of place because sadly my mind doesn't want to accept the fact that it's not your world, let it go. Ever been in a place where you are trying so hard to be relevant, I have lol. I mean I had a crush once and I made him invite me to a church fundraising and when i got there it was so classy and I didn't know why I was there but I had a polo assassin denim so it was enough for me to get through the day. I was someone else everyday.

It's hard to be just you and just move when its not right for you. Even if you know you are not a party animal you mingle with the party freaks and then when you are alone, you are like that's not me. But its a trial that you need sometimes.
Even pastors preach about it, they say daughters and sons if you find yourself  improving or changing yourself everyday to keep something valuable to you, it&#…

Being Alone Is Okay

I don't remember the time I sat alone with no one disturbing me. Just me and my crazy thoughts. I have always been around huge masses of people and yeah this made me think a little about this everyday celebrity vibes.

I felt like I needed to be around people to feel whole and yes it made me whole. Mingling with people getting their perspective on different things kept me so occupied and I got a lot of blog topics truth be told. I was crazy enough to group these masses. When I'm sad I had people to talk to, when I felt like I needed to turn up I knew the number to dial. When I wanted to be adventurous, when i wanted to be so white lol... people for everything. It felt like a way to escape reality...keeping the good vibes although I knew that life is hard. I even got into situations that were not necessary to kill time and it's a disease because i crave that first conversation where you get a glimpse of a person's life even though it's exaggerated sometimes.

Of Coffee Conversation Of Zupco Diaries

If you were having coffee with me I would tell you all that I know and feel about the introduction of the Zupco Bus for local transport. Let's get to it!
Out of all the problems we have in Zimbabwe, the introduction of the Zupco Bus for local travels was the best thing but every solution has its first downfalls which made me hesitant. At first I would see people scrambling to get into the Zupco Bus just to save money and women who were wearing skirts in particular were disadvantaged because the skirts ripped, diamonds were shown but the most important thing was being the smart money woman. Some were injured because of the Zupco pressure and I started to think that its better to take the commuter omnibus and put your safety first. Zimbabwean state of mind was creeping in:
"Ha makombi ari kudhura, mukuda kuty tiite sei mari haisikuwanika

1 week later
"Tingagodii ndoZimbabwe yacho"

We complain but get used in the end.Eventually things got better and people started stan…

I Celebrate Your Motherhood!

I had the opportunity to experience my sister's pregnancy journey. At first I had no clue she was pregnant until I started seeing changes starting with the hunchbacks and the hard-core tummy and the numerous visits to the toilet lol. The best part about her pregnancy was her cravings, I gained weight and I'm not complaining because her cravings were so tasty. I'm talking about egg salad, fresh chips, marinated ribs(my favourite), chicken, sausages the list is endless. I was on cloud 9. One thing that no one finds amusing when a woman is pregnant is mood swings. One minute she was so sweet like candy and the next minute she caught feelings about the tiniest thing like dishing up late and she didn't want to be ignored on whatsapp, you had to prioritise her only lol. I started feeling like her pregnancy loved me more than anyone else. Her tummy was so big as if she had twins.
 As the months passed by, I imagined what it would be like in the labour room...The contractions, …

Afrobloggers Twitter Account Takeover

The most amazing thing I have experienced today! Just wanna share what I felt and feel in these last minutes of Afrobloggers Twitter takeover 
Morning! I was so nervous. I didn't know where to start. I was shaking. In my mind I laughed at how much I challenge myself and then get nervous. I started drinking a lot of water to cure my stomachache and started scrolling what i am going to say. I was talking to the walls and sharing my thoughts with my mom. In my preparation zone...visitors come and mind I'm saying why now. My phone was on 0 % and I had to switch off their noise in my head and focus on my Twitter Account. It's so funny how I posted  10 tweets when my phone was on 0 %. God doing the things and I loved the commitment. I was so terrified about how people might respond to my tweets. The criticism, the comments and most importantly the engagement...I literally thought i was going to have a low engagement. 
Now let's move on to the feeling I have now. I am so h…

#InternationalWomensDay: I Celebrate My Achievements

I just want to take this time to tell myself that you did it girl. You challenged yourself and believed in yourself. Here is a list of things I want to celebrate:
1. Celebrating My Visuals  I remember going to Jumbo Mine in Zimbabwe with zero clue on how to use a camera but here I was holding it as if I am pro. It was so heavy. I started taking with the settings that were there...nomatter how clueless you can be you know the button to click to take photo so i took chances. I had this joy in my heart for some odd reason. As time passed I started loving photography and taking pictures of women - what they do in communities that is not known or celebrated. For once I was bringing change. Living without a camera now is torturous lol. 
2. Celebrating My Blogging Experience  I was sitting on a sofa, stuck watching a very interesting movie. It was about a girl who blogged about everything. At that moment I wanted to do what she did...sit close to the window and just type whats on my mind.  Do ya…

Appreciating Being A Woman

I just want to start this womens month by appreciating how important we are, why we are diamonds of this world. 
1.Appreciate Our Beauty  We have this beauty that lights up the whole room. I know you might be thinking about facial beauty but I'm talking about your personality. You can be crazy, loud, bubbly or reserved and still be beautiful. Appreciating your beauty is a step forward to knowing your worth and not giving people the chance to value you because we live in a society whereby people feel like they have a right to tell you that you are ugly or beautiful.
2. Appreciate The Gift Of Multi-Tasking  This is the most amazing power you can have ladies. Don't make excuses to avoid a lot of work that can build you...We need to break the glass ceiling! I always admire the way my mom is always positive even if she is under a lot of pressure and til now I haven't reached that positive level...working on taking that trophy from her. Own this gift women. 
3. Appreciate How Respons…